Tuesday, September 25, 2012

High chair

So I posed this question to my facebook friends today, but I am also asking any of my friends here who are also moms-- If you have a high chair that you love/loved can you give me some recommendations? And let me know what you love about it. Does it fold up compact? Is it easy to clean? Is it sturdy?

We're already at that phase. I can hardly believe it. While I was trying to put it off as long as possible, I think we really need one yesterday. This kid is a MESSY eater. It is fun to watch him, but the clean up is not so much fun. Especially because he wants to do it all by himself... So, any and all input would be happily received. Thanks!

Update: Okay, so we went with a fold-up Ikea chair with industrial washable fabric. It folds up really compact, and when it is opened up, it comes up right to the table so that Henry can eat right off of the table and there is one less surface to clean. We're pretty happy with it.

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  1. I'll chime in. We have a graco contempo high chair and it has served us well. I really like that it folds up VERY compact. We don't use it so much now that Isaac is close to two because he prefers to sit at the table in a booster seat. But when we have his cousin over we put Isaac back in the high chair and it still fits him well and works well. I found it used on craigslist but it's still in really good condition. It's pretty easy to clean too. It has a bonus tray that fits in the dishwasher, and new it comes with an infant insert. I'm probably going to wish I had that in a few months but whatever. Good luck!