My semi-crunchy lifestyle

We cloth diaper, babywear, and try to eat healthy. Here are places online that sell things that we love: 

TBW -- Thebabywearer. I love this website. It is such an amazing resource and community of people. You can research like crazy about all of the various baby carriers out there. Moms post their personal experiences, and you can get a good idea for what will work with you before you commit to buy something. You can also buy directly from other moms on their for sale or trade forum pages, and since you are encouraged to leave feedback, I'd say it is a great place to buy gently used wraps from. In fact, it is where I got most of my baby carriers.

Kissed by the Moon I can't say enough good things about this company. Great place to buy cloth diapers. They also have baby carriers, teething supplies, toys, etc. I have purchased a great many cloth diapers from them, some drier balls, and some sample detergents for travel. They have amazing customer service, a rewards program, and if you get a newsletter subscription, you can get coupons and sale information on a regular basis.

Abby's Lane I have purchased cloth diapers, cloth-diapering accessories, breast pads, and our Ergobaby from them. They have great customer service and a rewards program. If you get on their mailing list, you can get weekly coupons. 

Pax Baby They specialize in baby carriers, but they also have some other fun accessories for kids/moms. I have only purchased a few smaller things from them so far. One really cool thing that they do is a carrier "prescription" where you can answer a list of questions and they will tell you what carriers/carrier styles they think will suit you/your lifestyle best. 

The ones below I have only looked into, but don't have personal purchasing experience with yet... 

BabyHawk I do have a Babyhawk, but I got it used from TBW. I am planning on buying new directly from them next time, though. They offer totally customized mei tai carriers as well as soft-structured carriers. I have a mei tai, but once our little boy gets a bit bigger, I may just get one of their SSC's. They have amazing fabric selections, and while I do love my wraps, the mei tais and SSC's are so quick to put on... 

Ellabelly Same story as above. I love my Ellabelly mei tai half-buckle. It is by far the easiest for me to get our little one in and out of when we are out and about. I can do front and back carries with ease and he is snug and happy in it. I bought the one I have now used from TBW and hope to buy a more customized one in the future directly from this WAHM. 

GranolaBabies Carriers, toys, oils, natural parenting supplies... they have a lot of options. 

Woven Wraps Like their name suggests, they specialize in woven baby wraps. Their selection is amazing.

NovaNatural They sell a few baby carriers, and a TON of other natural parenting accessories, toys, and clothing. I have yet to make a purchase from them, but I am sure the day will come. I love that they have so many organic/fair trade options available. 

Marsupial Mamas, LLC They sell a lovely selection of beautiful woven baby wraps. 

Birdie's Room They pretty much only sell Didymos wraps. However, they also have a lot of natural parenting goods, toys, remedies, etc. 

Tadpoles & Butterflies Baby carriers, cloth diapers, toys, accessories, you name it. They seem to have a little bit of everything. 

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