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I can't believe our puppies are old enough for new homes, but they are. Crazy. They were born at 1, 2, and 3 AM on February 26, 2013. They are half Chihuahua and half Maltese, making them Malchi puppies. They have been raised around us, lots of visitors, an ornery cat, and our very active and not overly gentle little boy. They are super patient with Henry, and while the cat doesn't put up with them much, they are very curious about her. They are used to various textures (walking on tile, carpet, concrete, rocks, and grass) and love to explore. There's nothing that they can't handle.

They have been loved on and as such love people. They are curious, playful, and are going potty outside and/or on their potty pads, and are learning how to use the doggy door (but they are still rather little so they are still struggling to open it on their own...) Each of them come when we call, but they come running full-speed whenever we make kissy noises at them. It is adorable.

Fully grown, these dogs will still only reach anywhere between 5-9lbs on average. So they are a very small breed.

Who needs a new fur-ever friend in their life? In a perfect world, we'd love to see the boys go to a home together. (Well, in a totally perfect world, we'd keep them, but just after that, we'd love them to live really close by so we could still let all the doggies visit, and if not that, we want them in a great home, together or not.) They play together so sweetly and are just so cute when they snuggle in for a nap. They are great friends. However, if that isn't possible, we want more than anything for them to go to good homes where they will get love and attention and will be treated gently and with patience.

Now for the fun part-- photos!

Siblings snuggling when they were teensy tiny.

First up-- Clyde.

Clyde, the first born.

He has his mom's (Luna) longer facial features and long, lean legs. His coloring was much darker at birth, so I wonder if he'll continue to get lighter... His undercoat is a very pale gray with an fawn (reddish orange) tint to it, and the longer, wispier hairs are light at the roots and a very dark gray-brown at the ends. His tail has the cutest curl to it and at the tip it it white with a band of black. So cute! His coat is very soft, and he's the fluffiest of the bunch.

He is also quite the snuggler. He has a very sweet temperament, and loves to follow us around when he isn't busy playing. He is happy to nap just about anywhere, but he prefers to sleep near his family (animal or human). He loves carrying his toys around and shows interest in playing fetch already. He's also big into tummy rubs.

Here is Fred.
Fred, the middle child.

He has quite the fancy face, don't you think? He has more of a salt and pepper coloring to his coat, with a cream-colored mask around his eyes and mouth. He's also got a creamy colored belly and a curly tail.

He's super playful and has boundless energy. Like his brother, he loves snuggling up to sleep. He loves chasing after toys that roll--and us when we're playing around with him. He loves to pounce and goof off. He is also the most fearless. He was the first how to learn to climb up our couch, and he does daredevil jumps off of things all the time.

Last, but not least is Ursa. She's spoken for, but I thought I'd include a photo of her just for fun. She's a face-licker, and loves sneaking up on me when I'm laying down reading a book with Henry to get a few kisses in. She's the odd-ball of the bunch-- a very pale apricot color and the only girl. She's spunky and quite the speed demon when she wants to be. She also loves taking leaps off the couch to chase after her brothers.

Ursa, the youngest.

Notes about puppies, the good and the bad...
First thing, they are still growing, changing, and learning. This is the best time to bond with them, socialize them, and teach them what you like and don't like as far as behavior in your home. These lessons take time. At this stage, they are still full of energy. They are teething and exploring their world. This won't last forever, so be patient and loving with them and the rewards will be endless. For the time being, anything and everything within their reach might become a chew toy if they aren't supervised or given proper toys/treats. These particular puppies are super tiny and need a tender touch. They also need to be indoor dogs, with either a doggy door or lots of opportunities to go outside. Their little bodies can easily succumb to desert extremes, so they need to be able to come inside any time they need it. If you want to take one or two of them home with you, know that they have yet to be totally potty trained. Accidents will probably happen, especially when they are first brought to their new home and don't yet know the territory. It is normal for them to go through a small regression as I'm sure it will be a trial for them to be adopted and brought into a new environment. They need only gentle guidance. Distraction works fantastically for them. Just whistle or call them over and they'll forget all about chewing on whatever they were chewing on... The most extreme I've ever been with them is a stern look and a very serious "No" and learn that whatever they are doing is not okay. 

Like all dogs, these guys are social pack animals. If they only have a human family to rely on, they will need a good amount of attention in the day--the ability to follow you around, pettings now and again, snuggles when you are sitting down, and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to share a bed with you if you allow it. They get a lot of their energy worked out just by running around the house and yard as long as there are things to entertain them (toys, sticks, children or other dog/s to play with), but I'm sure they'd also make fabulous walking buddies. Their mom loves walks and hikes, though they are still young enough that we haven't really leash-trained them yet.

Personally, I think that they are a great mix of playful and lap-dog. Out of the boys, Clyde is the more cuddly and Fred is more playful (generally speaking). We've really come to love these puppies and really do hope to find an amazing home for them. We'd love to hear updates on how they are fitting into their new home. We'd be happy to dog sit them if you live close by and go out of town. We'd like to help if the transition is rough on them. And, if it really seems like it isn't working out, we want want them back to try to find them another quality home (Like Best Friends Animal Sanctuary does).

Please let us know either by leaving a comment here, or by e-mailing or calling us if you are interested. If you live in the area, we could bring whichever one/s you are interested by so that you can see if he/they would make a good fit, but we are also willing to work something out with our friends up north or elsewhere if you'd like to adopt. Thanks!

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