Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The latest little things

I have big things to catch up on. I have a trip to Texas, Christmas, traveling, and so many other things to write about.
But today I just wanted to mention a few cute things.
Henry has become much more snuggly. This has coincided with his ability to stand up while pulling up on things. Somehow, becoming more independent has made him also want to spend more time hugging and cuddling.
And I am totally okay with that.
He has also become a big kisser these days. He lays big sloppy ones down. And I mean BIG open-mouth guppy kisses-complete with slobber. So, kind of gross, but oh so endearing.
He also loves it when we assist him in walking around the house.
And the latest is he will find himself standing at the coffee table or somewhere wanting to hold something that takes his full attention and both hands, and he'll end up standing. Just standing there, not walking or anything, but still. Pretty great, right?

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  1. Henry is the cutest!!! You are such a wonderful mother !!!