Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A fresh start

The decision to quit writing my last blog was all me. Jon liked the identity I had going there as well as the individuality. The old blog address of "syrenka" means "mermaid" in Polish, and the title "Poziomki" means "wild strawberry." Those words have a lot of personal stories connected to them. But that's the thing-- they are stories from my childhood and from my past. I'm not the girl who started that blog, and I now am sharing myself, my stories, and my life with someone amazing. I felt like it was time to have that reflected in the blog that I write. Jon and I were both a little sad when I said goodbye to my old blog, but I feel really good about having an "us" blog that tells the stories our lives together.
Since I'm the one with the blogging history, most of these posts will likely come from me, but I'm hoping that Jon puts some stuff up from time to time.
I hope that you enjoy the journey with us.


  1. <3 <3 sweet, more story time. love your "Desert Loves" idea. xoxoxo

  2. yay! i'm excited about this new blog. i like you guys and i'm excited to hear about your adventures...starting with the white trash bash... :) because i want to see pics! let's hang out again. haven't seen you guys in forever.

  3. Can't wait for some fun blog posts to come! Seth has posted some things on our blog, but it is very rare. I'd love to see some stuff from Jon though! Hope to hear about your birthday! :)

  4. Thanks, everyone.
    Mamo, thank you. :)
    Chrissy, I was really feeling the need for a change. We really need to hang out soon. As soon as my house guests leave. Maybe sooner. P.S. --I finally got the WTB post up!
    Nicole, I'm highly doubting I get much written from Jon's perspective, much as I'd like it. But I'll tell him that Seth has done some posting and maybe that'll inspire (or guilt) him into doing it.