Thursday, April 28, 2011

White Trash Bash

Back in February a bunch of us got together at Chrissy and Tamron's place to have our first White Trash Bash. What made our party White Trash? These were several qualifications. The first of which was that we had to dress the part--
(Click on any of the photos to see them full-size.) 

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Good job. 

Shandon went all out by packing on a few fake pounds and growing that nasty facial hair. Let's not forget the fanny pack and that hat!
Aubs has on a pretty wicked mesh top and crazy awesome hair/makeup.

A stained shirt can say so many things.
All of which translate to "white trash."

 Please note our fake tattoos, painted on by yours truly. 
Also, check out the clashing plaids on me and the plaid/camouflage ensemble Jon's sporting. Earlier I'd managed to get my hair pretty big, but by the time this photo was taken it had settled down to just a frizzy mess. If only I could have seen it in all of its glory. . . 

Tiger spots and sand camo? Yep.
Nascar? Of course.
Pee drenched baby?* You got it.
Nicely done.

These two had the messy up-do and the semi-patriotic-weird-logo-shirt looks down.

When you can't stop drinking your (root)beer for a picture, I'd say that's pretty white trash. And then you notice the other details, like the bandanna, and the mustard stain on his see-through tank top? Bonus points. 

 How awesome are these two? I was with Chrissy when she got that sparkly number.
I hope she finds a reason to wear it again soon. It is completely covered in sequins.
I wish I'd gotten a better shot of her hair. It was magic.
And I'm not sure where Tamron got that Camo vest, but I think its pretty amazing. He's wearing cut offs, which you'll be able to see later on. Great stuff. 

What could be more creepy than Edward leering down at you?
Perhaps pairing it with a little country white trash devotion. 

Another aspect of having a truly authentic white trash party is enjoying the right kind of grub. We did it pot-luck style, and I dare say, we did it right. 

I have to list a few of our food items here: Sunny D, Squeeze-its, various sodas, Cheese Balls, crackers, a cheese log,  ho-ho's, ding-dongs, Zebra Stripes, pepperoni slices in a bowl, corn dogs, three kinds of potato chips, chick'n fingers, and fruit salad. And that's all that I can remember. I'm sure there was more. And the best part? We ate on paper plates using plastic utensils and condiments out of packets. Awesome. And check out the ice box below: 


After eating, it was time for White Trash Games. There were so many great shots of toilet-seat horseshoe (you read that right) that I had to share a few of them:

 Great form, don't you think? 
 Everyone looked pretty great in pairs, but then you get the whole bunch together, and its a whole new level of amazing. 
I think the weeds and dry dirt just added to the feel of the night. 
 Stylin' throw.
Tamron totally concentrating.

 Then everyone came back inside for phase two of the games. 

Tell me if you don't think this next shot looks bad: 

In case you don't recognize this game-- its chugging root beer while wearing a neck brace.
What, you've never heard of it?

Doesn't it look like torture? It was sure fun to watch, though.

Love that Aubrey is rocking the blue eye shadow and pink cheeks.

And then it was time to divvy out the prizes--

The first prize for most White Trash dressed went to Aubs and Shandon.
Aubs was actually that excited for her hot dogs.

Jon tied for best dressed and won some Franks and a Spam puzzle 

For chugging the quickest, a 6-pack of Crush. 
He doesn't drink soda normally though, so we went home with it. Score!

Even Phoebe wanted in on the fun. She donned Aubrey's platform flip-flops and her own jammies and did her hair special, just for us. (She's so stinkin' cute no matter what she's wearing.)

Chrissy and I at the end of a lively night at their home. She and Tamron are the best hosts. Ever. 

It was super fun to do stuff so out of character. And it got me posting amusing photos.

*The wet baby had gotten wet just before time for photos and was promptly changed after, in case you're concerned. 


  1. I have to say...that is pretty funny!

  2. yay!!! love it! i'm going to steal these pics off your blog so i can get my post started. thanks for taking all the pics. they look great.

  3. cute! you all pulled it off nicely. :D

    also, i went to school with many of those folk.

  4. Thanks for the comments friends! It was an awesomely fun and funny night. :)

    Chrissy, I liked your blog post of the night better than mine.
    Ashlie, really? That's crazy.