Friday, May 20, 2011

Other adventures with Tim and Genevieve

May 4th, I spent the day with Tim and Genevieve again. Jon was busy working. Poor guy. We drove out to the Kolob section of Zion National Park and hiked the Taylor Creek Trail. I'd done parts of it with Jon before, but either weather or time constraints have kept us from getting to the end. He's seen it before, so he encouraged us to do it. So we did.

We saw two cabins built by hunters in 1930. Here is one of them:

There was also some pretty scenery along the way. . .

The end of the trail is a double alcove. I'm still not sure exactly what that means, but it was pretty cool. We found a guy to take a picture of the three of us:

Genevieve walking along the trail:

More pretty scenery:
I'll add some photos that include me once I can get my hands on some.

May 5th I took Tim and Genevieve out to do some couple's photography. And I'll share those when I get done processing them. But here is one I have of Genevieve and I from that day:

May 6th the boys went on a more strenuous hike. Genevieve and I took a wounded bunny to Best Friends Animal Shelter in Kanab, UT. Pictures of wounded bunnies aren't cute or fun, so I won't be sharing that, and I didn't take any at the shelter, either, so I don't have any of those to share. That place is neat, though. They are well-staffed and have the right kind of equipment, shelters, and employees. They are a no-kill animal shelter, so they take in injured and last-chance animals. After putting the little bunny we brought into their capable hands, we looked around a bit at the bird area.

They had parrots and cockatoos in this one area, so we went over and tried to get them to say hello. This one cockatoo kept looking at me, and he made me work for it, but after saying "hello" to him like five times, he cocked his head to one side and said it back clear and crisp. It was a pretty cute moment.

After doing our good deed for the day, we drove back slowly and stopped by this place that sold Prairie Dog Pottery. If you ever drive by-- don't stop there. The couple that own the place wouldn't quit talking to us. They told us both of their life stories. Which is how we found out that the wife is part Polish, part Ukrainian, and mostly from Kentucky. We also learned the tricks that their dog can do, and which were their favorite cats when they lived in northern Utah. Seriously, it was a nightmare getting out of there.

Then we drove over to Pipe Springs National Monument. There isn't much to the place, but it was a nice quick stop to stretch our legs. Little did we know that we'd find the most amazing duck there.

Seriously, just look at the feathers coming out of his head--

And those are the highlights of Tim and Genevieve's visit. The end.


  1. cute pictures!

    also, sorry i didn't call you over the weekend in sg. we ended up being crazy crazy busy with my family in town. :)

    next time- double date?! call when you come in town and thanks again for the fun time at 25 main! loved catching up with you.

  2. Thanks and no worries. It was a hectic weekend for us as well. But we would totally love to hang out and do a double next time. :)