Thursday, June 2, 2011

Red Cliffs Desert Preserve

Jon and I have known about this wonderful place not too far from home--set aside as the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve-- for quite some time now. But neither of us had gone hiking there until just recently. One day a few weeks ago I decided to walk around there on my own, and took a few photos. That was enough to convince Jon to hike around there with me a few days later.

So we walked around with our little Luna, and she did amazingly well. She loves taking walks and hikes with us, and considering her diminutive size, we're always impressed that she never tires on these little adventures. We once hiked her four miles and she was still a bundle of energy when we got home. On this day we hiked for longer than we were expecting, so we ended up squirting water into our hands to let Luna drink. We're going to have to invest in one of those collapsible dog bowls. I'm thinking one like THIS. Do any of you have experience with these things?

 I'm really grateful that Jon and I live in such a beautiful place. It is so unlike where either of us grew up, but we both love it out here.

So, this post is a few weeks behind... but I'm working on catching up!

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