Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things I was grateful for...

It started Monday evening and lasted until Wednesday morning. Having a migraine for that long is not fun. However, I did find some things to take hold of and be happy about during that-- 

1. My cat Boo makes a good scare crow. Awful, terrible, tiny birds have been eating all of our peaches. Before they're even ripe. So I can't get out and pick them for us. . . so I go out and chase the birds away every time I see them. It is a thankless (and pretty much pointless) endeavor. Seeing as I couldn't stand the sunlight on Tuesday, I'd conceded to the birds, when Boo stepped in. She'd woken up from a nap and I fed her some canned food. She got done eating and just then noticed the birds in my tree. She then promptly went out the cat/dog door and crept across the lawn. She sat under the tree and did her own version of little bird chirps. She really does that. My impression is that she gets so totally entranced by the birds that she doesn't realize what she's doing, and these little chirpy half-meows come out of her as her pupils dilate and she focuses in on the birds. It's cute because this of course ruins her chances of catching a bird. But the birds don't know that, so they all flew away from the peach tree. But Boo just sat there, transfixed, waiting for them to return, meow-chirping away. Which of course, only kept them away longer. Yay for Boo!

2. Our little dog Misu finally went through the doggy door all on his own on Tuesday. I'd been working with him, giving him little treats whenever he'd go through the door as I'd hold it open first half-way and then down to a crack. But he just hated actually pushing against the door to get in. He'd whine and cry and then just give up and sit there by the door until I'd give in and help out. But then on Tuesday he just got the nerve up and did it. He's still clumsy and it takes him a few tries, but he's no longer scared of the door, and he doesn't whine. He just pushes until he gets in or out. And that makes me happy. 

3. I'd been refilling our humming bird feeder wondering how many humming birds we were really helping out, thinking that perhaps the mixture was just evaporating in the heat. But then early in the morning, when waiting for Misu to do his thing outside, I watched as three different humming birds visited our feeder. I didn't get a shot of them feeding, but after going in to grab my camera, they still visited a neighboring tree and sat really nicely for me. 

They're cute little things, right?

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