Friday, September 2, 2011

What I learned about scorpions

I'd run out to the garage in my bare feet to grab something out of my car, but was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a scorpion. I was totally freaked out. This was the closest that I'd seen one to my home before and it was much too close for comfort. I went to tell Jon to do something about it, only he'd jumped into the shower. So it was up to me. With my heart pounding, I went back out to the garage with a flashlight and a jar and caught it. I made Jon go out and put cardboard under the jar's lid and flip it over after he'd dried off.

I wanted to kill it. I'll admit it. I worked at a pet store years ago where I had to feed future pet scorpions, but this thing, I just wanted to smash it. Actually, I wanted Jon to smash it. I really, really don't like the idea of scorpions that close to us and our pets. Jon, on the other hand, the saint that he is, volunteered to drive the thing out into the wilderness to release it somewhere far, far away. Jon is a better person than I am. Although he has killed scores of black widows in our backyard--shiver. So fine, we let it live out its existence, but it will be miles from my house.


  1. sick! i hear those small clear ones are the most poisonous too.
    we had a few scorpions in our house in st. george when i was growing up. that's gross!!

  2. It still gives me nightmares. One thing that I forgot to update was this-- Jon meant to take it right out to the desert somewhere far from people to release it. Well, right away turned into days and days. Sure, we punched a small hole in the jar so it could breath, but that was it. And guess what? After a week, it was still alive and kicking. And yes, Jon did set it free somewhere out in Arizona. Yucky, gross little thing.