Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A whirlwind of travel...

Just a little taste of what we've been up to in the last month:

  • My step-sister Tiffany's wedding in South Lake Tahoe, CA.
  • NCKMS in Midway, UT.
  • Our good friend Amanda's wedding in Fresno, CA. 
It really has seemed like we've been on the road more than we haven't in the last few weeks, although if you count out the days, that isn't really true. While it has been SO fun, I'm so glad to be home. It is so great to see friends and family and to experience new things, but to sleep in your own bed and to have your own schedule is pretty great, too. 

Not wanting to overwhelm myself in all the catching up, nor any of you reading this, I'll cover our trips one at a time, starting with Tiffany's wedding at Tahoe--

Her wedding had an Irish-English theme to honor their heritage, and there was also this different time eras theme that you can see reflected in the different bridesmaids dresses. 
You can kind of see what I mean in the following three photos (that I borrowed from Tiffany): 

Watching the ceremony.

Bride with her bridesmaids and flower girl at Lake Tahoe

Tiffany and Scot with the whole wedding party

Almost all of the dresses were home-made, many by Tiffany. I decided to sew my own dress, and went with an Edwardian style. I was excited to find a fabric that matched so well with all of the others. And it was a real challenge to work with a pattern based on such old patterns... I was happy to complete it. 

The wedding was at a pub by a gazebo and at the end of the ceremony all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen each let a butterfly go. While I kept worrying about my butterfly once it was handed to me and I could hear it scratching around in its container, I was really happy to see it fly off at Tiffany and Scot's first married kiss. 

I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the wedding was getting the chance to hang out with family. I got to meet new people as well-- Andi's girlfriend Lisa, Tiffany's mom Jennifer, and Jessica's friend Brendan. (Totally random, but I told my sister that I thought Brendan looks a little like Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson. Jessica admitted that several other people have said the same thing about him. You decide. Edward and Brendan. --Keep in mind that I didn't get the most Edward-esque photo of him that I could have, but that's the best I've got. Another thing is that Brendan tree climbs and teaches others to do so for a living. Anyone familiar at all with the silly vampire stories will understand why I think that's so funny. In case you were wondering, Brendan is actually a really nice guy, and that's as far as the vampire similarities go.)

Jon and I also had some time to go on hikes with the dogs and they loved sniffing around the lake and walking around on all of the pet-friendly trails. They did surprisingly well in the car for that long ride. We let them out every two hours or so to do their business and to have some water and kibble, and they seemed totally content. Misu would just plop down and fall asleep while Luna would prop her head up so she could look around and see what we were up to, but they didn't whimper or whine while we were driving. If we stopped the car and one of us would leave for a second, it was a different story-- Luna does NOT like it when Jon or I leave, she likes us to all be together. But once you put a leash on her and let her out at a stop, she does great. Oh, and the couple of times we stopped for a drive-thru snack, she'd bark and bark at the cashier. Annoying but funny. 

Also, because uploading a bunch of photos over and over again does not appeal to me, you can check out all of the photos that Jon and I took of the wedding over HERE

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