Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Night In

For those of you who don't know, Jon and I are both youth leaders in our ward (local church congregation). He was called as a secretary for the Young Men's organization, and I'm a first counselor in the Young Women's presidency. Last night the Young Men went off to play miniature golf and the Young Women (YW) were scheduled to work on their Personal Progress. Since our dear President has been away visiting family out east, it was up to me to find a place that was wi-fi so that they could work online. I figured our place was as good as any so I said that I'd host it. It was the most people we've ever had in our house all at once since Jon's family came to visit him when he first moved in (and before we were married). So its the most people that I've had over here, ever.

As the girls and leaders came trickling in, Luna would bark a little each time and then Misu would cower by me, so at first I wasn't sure that I'd have happy puppies or a very productive night. As it turns out, I have a hard time relaxing when my dogs are spazzing out. But then Heidi came at last. At first Luna wasn't so sure of her, either, but I repeated, "It's Heidi!" a couple of times to her and then when Heidi came and sat down next to me and Luna sniffed her, the other side of Luna came out. She started rolling around by Heidi's lap and then moved onto trying to jump all over her and lick her face. The Young Women, seeing Luna freaked out by all of these new people coming in, started laughing at her reaction to Heidi. Clearly Luna remembered the walks that we used to take with Heidi and her doggy. It was pretty awesome.

Then Misu tried to get in on the action and Heidi just laughed and said, "What? You don't even know me, you're just trying to lick me because that's what Luna's doing!" The spell was broken. Whatever reservations Luna had been holding onto left when Heidi came in, and then she started running around sniffing people and checking stuff out. Misu was still mostly a momma's boy, but he did venture out now and then, and he welcomed pets and scratches from the girls. And most important-- they were both quiet dogs from then on.

We didn't get a ton of work done on our Personal Progress, but I did get to teach two girls how to get on the site and showed them how to navigate around and how to keep track of their work. The remainder of the night was mostly about catching up, chatting, and giggling. Oh, and eating. Rebekah, Emilee, and Heidi each brought treats that I thought would surely last a good long while, but I was mistaken. There were only a few cookies left at the end of the night, but Jon and I took care of those.

I learned that even though my house is much, much smaller than Sandy's, I can still fit most of the Young Women in all at once. Thank goodness we now have a kitchen table! I also learned that I like a full house and hearing all that laughter was good for my soul. Plus it was great to catch up with my fellow YW leaders.

Next up: Inviting certain local friends over for a movie night. You know who you are.

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